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Don’t Take The Cloud Lightly
2013-12-17 by  Adam Groff


Cloud computing has come a long way since its inception and businesses both large and small are really beginning to take notice. Thanks to its everything-everywhere ability, the cloud is quickly taking the business world by storm.

Here are just a few reasons why cloud computing is such a business-friendly way to get the job done:


Cost-Conscious Cloud

In the cost department, the cloud is winning businesses over one bottom dollar at a time.

Considering the cloud's servers and related hardware are housed elsewhere, businesses really save when it comes to equipment and upgrades. On top of that, the cloud cuts costs when it comes to energy usage too.

Although the cloud does require an IT staff, the savings keep coming considering that staff isn't in-house either.

Cloud computing is much more affordable than employing an office IT specialist, so businesses that turn to the cloud experience unforeseen savings in the equipment and software upkeep area too.


Meeting the Demand

Businesses expand all the time and as they grow, so do their computing needs.

With the cloud, computing is instantly adaptable, which is exactly why cloud technology is known for meeting the demand of growing businesses.


Unlike in-house servers that need constant equipment and software upgrades to meet the need, cloud providers are able to expand as well as contract to the size of the business in real-time.

So, when a business takes on hundreds of new clients in a single day, the cloud can adjust as opposed to the in-house server crashing.


Workplace Flexibility

Along with the flexibility of cloud technology also means workplace flexibility. Because the cloud is all encompassing, employees are able to access cloud-based information from anywhere, at any time, and in the same capacity they would if they were working from the office.

This benefit alone makes the cloud an indispensable advantage in the world of business. Employee happiness and wellbeing is what makes businesses tick, so providing employees with the work-from-anywhere flexibility of the cloud brings work efficiency to new heights.


Secure Work Environment

With identity theft and large-scale online security breaches becoming more and more of an issue, digital security is an absolute must. This is especially the case with businesses due to the fact security breaches don't just hurt the business, but its clients as well.

The cloud avoids these breaches by storing information on remote servers that are backed by enough firewalls and anti-theft software to keep even the most sophisticated online predators at bay.

Likewise, with laptop theft on the rise, the cloud helps keep sensitive information safe by storing it remotely, not on the device itself.

Analyzing Made Easy

Big data is quickly becoming the name of the computing game and in order to take part, businesses need to implement data analyzing into their computing practices.

With the cloud, businesses of any size can analyze, search, and process any and all stored data with simple end-user tools, which puts business efficiency front and center.


From security to cost savings and everywhere in between, it's plain to see that the cloud is a business's best friend.

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