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7 Benefits Of Refurbished Tech For Businesses
2013-12-16 by  Jared Jacobs


It’s not always easy to keep a company fully stocked with all the most recent technology. Of course, you may not always need the newest, off-the-shelf computers and devices to stay competitive. This is why many businesses are looking into refurbished tech as a reliable alternative.

To be clear, “refurbished” is NOT the same as “used.” Yes, the computer or electronic device has been employed one way or another, but they are still a much safer purchase than something that is just used (when there’s no telling what the mileage on it might actually be).

Refurbished items are likely off-lease computers or items that were returned for one of several other possibilities that preclude the manufacturer from selling them as new. A used computer, on the other hand, could have been used as a door stop for all you know.

Computers, servers, and other devices that have been re-examined, refurbished, and re-warrantied by the original manufacturer offer several important benefits.

1.  Cost Savings – The most obvious benefit of refurbished products is the lower prices on reliable tech. Many refurbished computers and devices may be the current model but, for whatever reason, they cannot be labeled as new, and will be sold at a discount, which means a great deal for the company.

2.  Certified Performance – Before these products are put back on the market, the original manufacturer will hold them up to the same performance standards they would have when it was new. They must pass these rigorous tests or they will be recycled instead of refurbished.

3.  Warranties – If a computer or other device is fully certified by the original manufacturer, they can sell it with a warranty. This means the consumer can expect the same kind of coverage that they would get on a new model.

4.  Manufacturer Support – Sometimes you don’t need a warranty, you just need a little help to get things set up properly. Assuming you purchased your refurbished item from the original manufacturer, you can expect the same support for these items that you would get from new ones.

5.  Eco-Friendliness – e-Waste is a growing problem. Every year millions of discarded computers and devices go into the landfills and take both toxic (mercury) and precious (gold/copper) metals with them. Choosing refurbished tech means giving extended life to these products and keeping them in circulation rather than putting them in the ground.

6.  Accommodate Sudden Changes – Some companies need a sudden influx of equipment to deal with unexpected growth or changes. This may only be a temporary situation, though, so buying new computers or servers is out of the question. A strategy that involves refurbished items may fit the budget, though.

7.  Work Within Your Needs – Some companies simply don’t need the most recent releases or cutting edge technology. They simply need solid, reliable performance. By selecting refurbished computers, more of the budget can be redirected to other, more pressing, tasks.

Whether you’re company is looking for an affordable alternative for tech upgrades or trying to find a way to equip your startup with the reliable products it needs to be effective, refurbished computers are worth considering for their range of benefits.

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Jared Jacobs


Jared Jacobs has professional and personal interests in technology. As an employee of Dell, he has to stay up to date on the latest innovations in large enterprise solutions and consumer electronics buying trends. Personally, he loves making additions to his media rooms and experimenting with surround sound equipment. He’s also a big Rockets and Texans fan.

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