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Four Reasons Java Is The Best Choice For Your Custom Apps


Billions of mobile devices can currently run Java apps. The language was originally designed to be lightweight, portable, and easy to learn. Java run-time environments (JREs) can be quickly installed on the smallest devices with minimal resources. This is making Java a very popular choice for mobile developers. There are four clear reasons why Java is the best choice when developing custom apps.


One of the main strengths of Java is portability, especially in the fast-evolving mobile marketplace. Java is designed to be a cross-platform language. The run time has been ported to nearly every operating system currently in use. This means that the byte-code from a single Java application can be used across multiple devices with minimal or no code modifications. The portability of Java makes it a perfect choice when developing custom apps. Some of the code could even be ported to laptop or desktop systems.


Another reason Java is a good choice for custom apps is security. The JRE was designed from the start to be very secure. Apps operate inside of a sandbox that protects the rest of the software and systems on a device. Users must specifically grant Java apps permission to do anything outside the sandbox. This provides a high level of consumer confidence since it is difficult or impossible for hackers to modify the byte-code to perform malicious tasks. Java is also effect because many of the most common network security protocols are supported by the basic libraries.

Simplicity and Readability

Java is the best choice for developing custom apps because it is a highly human-readable language with a simple and understandable syntax. Java does not have overly complex operators that can make the code hard to read. Java also supports proper technical documentation with the JavaDoc tool. The result is code that anyone can quickly read and understand. This makes collaboration, making new versions and other tasks much simpler with Java.

Libraries, Frameworks and Tools

Many developers like those at www.solutionstream.com/services/dot-net-development have been working with the .NET framework for a long time to create apps and web-based applications. Java has an advantage in this area because many third-party libraries, development frameworks, and tools exist to cover everything from advanced networking to real-time online gaming. These libraries, frameworks and tools cut down on the amount of boilerplate code that must be written for a custom app. This shortens development time, and can increase stability as well as the time required to debug or modify parts of the code.


These four reasons are clearly part of what make Java much more superior to it's competitors. Use it with you company to create the perfect tool for your company.

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