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Top Advantages Of ASP.NET Development
2013-03-05 by  Kuntal Mehta


Microsoft’s ASP.NET is a wonderful scripting language that is used in building dynamic web pages with high-class functionality. The programming language can also quickly take your website to the next level, by providing for a large number of customizable features, without actually sacrificing on its appearance and style.

Like any other language, ASP.NET has its share of pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages, but overall it is an excellent technology that helps you build compelling websites and applications.        

ASP.NET development requires special expertise; therefore, whenever you consider building a website or an application using this particular technology, you will either have to recruit ASP.NET developers in-house or establish a team at remote location by collaborating with an offshore development center. You can also consider outsourcing your entire project to a trusted web development company, minimizing the risk involved in the development process.

Why You Should Opt for ASP.NET?

This is the most obvious question that one can ask. Why to resort to ASP.NET only when there are several other technologies or scripting languages available?

Well, here are its advantages. Take a look and decide for yourself.

  • Speed of Development: Using ASP.NET, you can actually develop a website or application very quickly as compared to other technologies. The language offers a range of in-built features to developers to help them design custom applications quite easily.
  • Security: The biggest benefit of ASP.NET is that is that it comes equipped with in-built security, with a support for authentication and authorization. It also offers the options for implementation with NTLM, Kerberos and other standards.
  • Rich Server and Client-Side Control: ASP.NET comes loaded with rich server and client-side control features, allowing you to develop calendars, wizards and interactive grids. They allow you to enjoy complete control over your website. What’s more interesting about these control features is that one can use them right away.
  • Less Coding: ASP.NET considerably decreases the amount of code required to build large and more complex applications.
  • Easy Maintenance: Source code is executed on server which offers a lot of flexibility to web pages. Plus HTML is also there, making it easier for you to maintain and edit the pages.  
  • Constant Availability of Applications: The best part is that the ASP.NET runtime closely monitors and manages all the processes. So, even if one process is dead, a new process starts automatically, keeping your application always available to handle requests.
  • Constant Monitoring: All the pages, applications and components are constantly monitored by the web server. The benefit is that if there is any memory leakage or infinite loop or any other unusual activity, it restarts automatically after immediately destroying these illegal or unusual activities.

The list of benefits of ASP.NET development goes on and on. The scripting language makes a good choice if you are looking for added security of and enhanced control over the website.

However, you will require expert ASP.NET developers to create enterprise-class websites or web applications using ASP.NET. For this, outsourcing serves as a valuable option. The reason being, it expedites the development process, gives access to talented professionals and minimizes the risk involved in project development.

Apart from this, you can also collaborate with a company headquartered in the United States with an offshore development center. It will give you the dual benefit of local communication and cost effective development offshore.

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Kuntal Mehta

Kuntal Mehta (KJ) is the managing partner of Seashore Partners, a web development, e-commerce solution and SEO company headquartered in New Jersey, United States. In this article, he highlights the benefits of ASP.NET development. Additionally, he suggests companies to hire ASP.NET developers offshore to keep the development costs low.

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