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Is Your Managed Hosting Services Provider Missing Something?


Something like an additional power supply, hard drive, or PDU (power distribution unit)? Unfortunately, auditing agencies in the managed hosting services industry have not made fully-redundant data centers mandatory. In fact, many hosting companies deploy only single-unit components in their intricate data centers for convenience and practicality.


This practice ignores the old adage that two is better than one. However, when hosting companies speak of their uptime services, wouldn’t it be better to be able to tell potential customers that all of the hosting company’s hardware is equipped with backup?


A contingency plan seems to be a logical approach in the realm of managed hosting services; however, the extra cost and hassle deters hosting companies from having completely redundant data centers.


According to a recent article by Lifeline Data Centers, 2N data center redundancy is sought by more than half of technology companies because it translates to a higher level of data center uptime. Companies like Peak Hosting exemplify this duplicate design with its AlwaysUp Architecture?. All Peak Hosting network devices, such as routers, switches, load balancers, firewalls, and VPNs, have dual parts and power supplies, so there is always a backup component to provide continuous service. Peak Hosting’s 2N configuration is exemplified not just in its hardware, but also in its wired applications that position power supplies, for example, to be used in separate buses in case one malfunctions.


Although these extra measures are not always popular in the managed hosting industry due to additional cost, they’ve been proven highly effective. “Two of everything is expensive,” says Doug Theis from Lifeline Data Centers. “But it’s the only way to guarantee high levels of uptime.”


CEO and founder of Peak Hosting, Jeffrey Papen, and his team continue to be guided by their core principle, which poses the question, “What’s the most I can do?” The commitment to high-quality operational procedures allows Peak Hosting to stand out among competitors. The company has received numerous industry awards and had been ranked among the top three companies in the Best Managed Hosting category by HostReview, a prestigious online resource for the web hosting community.


While other companies may have some redundancy built into their data center infrastructure, Peak Hosting is redundant everywhere. “We want to make sure that component failure doesn’t lead to service failure,” says Papen. “This makes us unique in the marketplace because we never have to be down, even during a maintenance window.”


Peak Hosting has equipped itself to be a fully functioning operations department for its technology customers. It provides experienced engineers, architects, and support staff who manage everything but your code, including operating system management, application support, networking, security, database administration, monitoring, and virtualization.


Learn more about the next level in managed hosting services via Peak Total Operations and find out how Peak Hosting can help your technology focus on its core competencies.

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