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Virtual Desktops In Small Business


Today’s small businesses are faced with the decision of choosing an IT infrastructure that fits their needs and allows for flexibility in their continued growth. Because of this need and the decisions to be made, many small business owners are playing with the idea of virtual desktops in the workplace.

The small businesses of today can’t afford to take any risks with their IT infrastructure and as the workforce and company develops and grows, it is important to be cost effective and get the job done. This is why virtualization has become a small business option offered by several virtualization vendors including Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.  

Currently 41% SMBs use desktop virtualization in the workplace. 41% is a rather large number but it is expected to increase even further in the next few years as more and more business owners see the benefits of virtualization in their business.  In fact, the companies that are using virtualization in their daily business routines are finding that they have increased security with the virtualized desktop infrastructure and have unlimited workforce access. This means that employees can access the work systems and programs with ease while the business information remains safe and sound. This also works well for employees to access information and work programs from anywhere at any time. If an employee is unable to come into work, they can work from their home computer and be just as productive as they would be in the work place. 

Desktop administrative and maintenance costs are cut with virtualization’s centralized management as well as the virtualization deployment systems and with speedy OS and application upgrades, virtualized desktops are always up-to-date. This makes virtualization the ideal IT infrastructure for businesses with desktop needs that work for them and automatically backup information, offer agility, quick adaptation and ultimate business efficiency.

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